I probably should've done this a long time ago

(lol at me just remembering to have this at the top)

Not because I have anything to hide or I think random people are creepy but because I like to have some idea of who's adding me. I'll add pretty much anyone since, like I said, I have nothing to hide so idrc.

Comment with...something idk and I'll most likely add back. \o/

And so we meet again...

I abandoned this thing because pretty much everyone I talked to abandoned theirs so there was no point. Except now they're all on Tumblr/Facebook. I don't have a Facebook (well I [i]had[/i] a fb for a month but it just made me realize how annoying most of the people I knew were and I'd rather not hate them so i quit) and I'm not enough of a hipster for Tumblr so here I am. Plus I missed using my Joaquin icon. Idk how much I'll post but who knows, maybe this'll force me to pick up my poor sad dusty camera again.

Speaking of cameras, looking back through here a LOT of these pictures are baaad lol. Idk what I was thinking when I thought they were decent, jfc.
(also i need to get a diff layout D=)

But yeah, I'M BAAAACK!